Must Have Sandals or Pass?

Must Have Sandals or Pass?

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There are lots of pins on Pinterest that have gorgeous shoes and sandals for sale. I keep seeing one sandal that turns up even without a shoe search.

Is this the kind of sandal that you want for the upcoming spring and summer?

This sandal appears to be a one size type of sandal. So if it fits, then you are in luck. But what if you are a half size type? I have never tried these shoes but I would probably like them.

My vote on these shoes is YES. I think I would like to try some of these for the summer. The reason why is because they are sorta cute, they grow on you. They take the place of the simple slide on shoes or sandals like Tevas. You could wear them to the pool with your bathing suit, or they could really dress up some white shorts or pants.

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