Interchangeable Shoes Will Be Your Perfect Summer Wardrobe Fix

Interchangeable Shoes Will Be Your Perfect Summer Wardrobe Fix

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Today is the day I am thoroughly obsessed with these cool interchangeable sandals by I cannot get over how many adorable style shoes you can make! You take one pair of sandals and change out the decorative part, whether it be a snap on, or the color of the flip flop strap, and BAM it makes a whole new shoe!

Every women out there likes to have some options when she chooses her outfit. In the summer time most women wear sandals and flip flops to every function. This shoe revolutionizes many outfits by allowing for so many different combinations of colors and textures. Even if you wore just a plain colored shift dress with a nice necklace and one style of strap of these sandals it would be cute. But if you could wear the same dress with different straps and different accessories, then you would have a whole new outfit!

The straps and the snap ons to the basic sandal are relatively inexpensive.

Lindsay Phillips Interchangeable Shoes

On the website one user wrote:

“I ordered these shoes because I wore out my first pair of Lindsey Phillips and had plenty of snaps and they were a great neutral color. They’re much more comfortable than my first pair! I like the cushion sole. I’ll definitely be ordering in another color soon. The size was spot on as well. Great shoe that I recommend!”

Another fabulous sandals favorite to wear with every occasion is the monogrammed sandal. I don’t care what anyone says, anything monogrammed is cute-so monogrammed sandals take the cake!

If you are a mom and you just need some sturdy sandals to make you look like you have it all together (ha!) then these are perfect! They can go with a nice work outfit or to a son’s baseball game. And it goes with every outfit.

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