How to Get Cute Cricut Fonts Without Paying for Them

How to Get Cute Cricut Fonts Without Paying for Them

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If you are like me, then you were super excited to see all of the endless fonts in the Cricut Design Space that you could use. The possibilities seemed endless and I was thrilled.

And just when I tried to make a cute t-shirt for my little boy, the thrill was over. I realised that all of the cute fonts required me buying the font first. Most of the fonts cost around $4.99. The price of a cup of coffee from Starbucks. So what’s the big deal?

The big deal is this, like most people who create using vinyl cutting, creating that special shirt can be a daunting task. Most people kinda know what they want their shirt or project to look like, in a general sense. Once the actual font gets in place though, a lot of times, it just isn’t the one. The font that you want is much more trial and error to get that perfect look before cutting begins.

So you finally get the perfect font that they have in their drop down list, and you are ready to print. The program won’t let you go any further without paying for the font. You reluctantly pay it, and print your project. Then, either you like how it turned out or you don’t.

With the font being the most important part of the project usually, sometimes it just isn’t your favorite. And now it is paid for, so you will either use it again and love it, or wish that you hadn’t purchased it because you will never use it again.

So to fix this problem and never have to worry if it is the ‘right’ font again, you can follow these steps to getting free fonts for your Cricut.

Get Unlimited Free Fonts for Your Cricut!

The first step is simple. Go to and pick the font or fonts that you would like to put in your Cricut for later use. Download each and put it in a file named fonts. There are a whole lot of fonts, so it will be tough to decide. But no worries you can repeat the process of obtaining more free Cricut fonts later after you know how to do it.

The second step is to install your font on your PC. To install a new font on Windows 10 follow these steps:

Go to where you downloaded the font from It will be in a zipped file usually.

Open your zipped file by right clicking and ‘extract all’. Then find your font that says opentype font, right click and select at the top ‘install’.

If there is no install button when you right click, you can double click the font name instead and at the top you will see the install button.

Now that you have your new font, just restart your computer and open up your Cricut Design Space. Choose text. In your dropdown for choice of font choose ‘system’ and type in your font name or find it in the dropdown list. (Obviously my font was a wingbat and was a set of pictures associated with letters not letters. Don’t let that confuse you!) You are done!

Here’s the other font I downloaded called sketch 3-d.

As you can tell the possibilities are endless. Get Unlimited Free Fonts for Your Cricut!

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