How to Create a Nice Pinterest Pin for FREE

How to Create a Nice Pinterest Pin for FREE

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To win at marketing you have to have a Pinterest account. That being said, once you have a Pinterest account up and running you need to immediately start the traffic funnel. Build on any special techniques for getting Pinterest traffic because it can be very rewarding in terms of viewers. Especially if the viewers like your pins and constantly repin them!

One of the most pivotal ways to get a viewer to your pin is by offering a pin to click that is eye catching and appeals to the reader.  One that grabs a reader’s attention from the first glance. A short headline that draws the reader in by using different fonts, and font sizes is a must.

You should end up with one amazing image depicting what your pin is talking about. You should create a pin to go with every new post you create on your blog or website so you pin it and forget it. This is hands down one of the easiest ways to get free traffic to your website!

Or like this cute one

Not only can you advertise what the pin is about, but you can also show your domain name on the pin. If a viewer doesn’t follow through with viewing the website they may have your domain name stored in their brain or written down for later. Never underestimate free advertising!

So how do you create an eye catching pin for Pinterest? The easiest way is by using a service like 

They have tons of templates for whatever you can imagine.

But here is the secret…

You Don’t Have to Pay To Create a Nice Pinterest Pin

You don’t even have to sign up. Just use their site to create what looks like a nice pin. Then here’s the secret trick….

Press the ctrl and print screen button together (print screen is at the top right of keyboard and it says prt sc on keys) After that open your basic paint program. Hit paste and then cut and crop your new pin using the rectangle select tool. Crop pic until it’s what you like. Easy made pin. Be sure to add your website at the bottom of the pin.

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