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To run a successful household, most women need to feel comfortable with their surroundings. After all, they will spend a huge majority of their time there and cleaning it up!

Basically that means a women really wants her house to look a certain way, or at the very least tidy. and put together.

When buying items for the home, what will match what they already have,
as opposed to what the trend is, is what today’s women want. Household items that match their theme, or that are neutral are more important than whole room make overs. Although we all know some rooms just need to be started back from the beginning, and gutted.

Back in the 70’s there was all those hideous orange, green and ugly yellow appliances. That will be a trend that will never come back. I mean dark orange shag carpet in the family room? You will understand if you din’t live in the 70’s if you have seen some of your mom or grandma’s old tupperware bowls. They were and are still as durable as ever, therefore, someone you know has got to still have one!

In the 80’s and 90’s came a lot of country kitchen themes, that ugly rose and country blue colors, and questionable wallpaper from someone trying to make a bold fashionable statement but failed. We should learn from these mistakes, God willing!

Thankfully the 2000’s and 2010’s brought in the era of the modern look. You know what I am talking about, no more particle wood, paneling is pulled down and up goes sleek stainless steel appliances and crisp clean lines in each room. The colors are very much more muted with the neutral tones of grey and brown. Hopefully we like this look and it will be around for awhile.