Girls Clothes

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Little girls are so precious and sweet, but can turn into witches with a single eye roll. Right? You know what I’m talking about. Little girls are often spit fires even if they aren’t aggressive about it.

Every girl wants her way. She thinks she has the world figured out. She is clever and figures social situations out faster than a boy her own age. Obviously this is a generalisation, but most girls I know fit this description from birth on up.

They grow up fast, they mature much faster than boys and they just want to be like mom. Or fight and argue with mom. I have 2 boys and two girls. The girls have always had an opinion before we even asked. The boy were more happy go lucky with situations.

Our sweet, sassy girls have opinions on clothes too. It’s hard to keep up with the trends because they change often, but it does seem that some trends will forever make a come back.

For instance, where we live rolling up your jeans above your ankle and tying the front of your t-shirt are styles that are worn. We used to do that back in the 80’s. Some of the 80’s styles are coming back and it’s kinda scary! Just don’t bring back the 70’s looks!

This is such a cute teen look, but prob not so much for a middle aged mom? Yeah, thought so.