Furry Friends

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Where would we be without our little fur friends?

They really are so innocent and so pure at heart.

They love us unconditionally and we are their only and best friend. So we have to spoil them and treat them well.

They rely on their humans to do what needs to be done to keep them happy. And many owners love their pets through food treats.

It is so hard to resist a begging animal, but it is a necessary evil to keep them healthy. People figure since most pet’s are meat eaters that giving them human food like a hamburger is ok because it is a meat. What they fail to realize is the amount of grease in a burger can be too much for their pet’s body to handle and can lead to life changing disease like pancreatitis and cancer. Be careful what you give your babies.

Love your fur baby in other ways like with noisy toys, chewbones, clothes, or a new ‘house’. Or take them for a walk in a new neighborhood. The smells alone will be satisfying enough. Even a simple ride in the car to the store or to a park would be exciting for your pet.

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