Fashion Trend Hit or Miss

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We will always have Hollywood to thank for their creation of some really funky looking outfits that no one in real life would consider buying. Obviously celebrities love to make a statement and if you look twice at them instead of once they are happy.

So that they get the exposure and attention that they need, the stylists for celebrities take the chance to put bold colors, weird textures and different patterns together that no one would ever dream of. You may ask yourself:

Is This Really A Style?

Surprisingly the celebrities almost always pull off the look, making us all wonder if we can get away with that look too. But it’s not really much of a style if you can’t actually see yourself wearing the outlandish outfit anywhere other than a costume party!

Only Katy Perry could pull this one off!

Here’s our choice for crazy pants of the day. Is this a hit or miss fashion trend?

These denim over sized wide leg pants are fabulous we think. They could easily start a trend by embracing all of the styles women love. Women are busy so they like styles that are casual, modest, easy fitting, mommyish, and could even by a part of a punk or goth look. This pant could even be hip with the young bohemian young women crowd.

How did she keep a straight face?

Remember this ‘trend’ that came out a few years ago that never really took off? The ugly as heck double waisted jeans? A recent star was seen on social media showing off her comfortable double waisted jeans. I hope that doesn’t allow the trend to take off. I couldn’t bear to look at these in stores.