Best Mosquito Repellent Ever!

Best Mosquito Repellent Ever!

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If this works, then this will be an incredible find! I don’t know about you, but the mosquitoes love me! If ever I am at a bbq in a backyard, or a garden at someone’s house, I am the first to be bit. And for some reason mosquitoes love me in particular. My husband can be right beside me and not get bit a single time.

In a 10 minute period, I often end up with 5-10 bites after the first bite starts before I literally have to just go inside. Or I put on some spray mosquito repellent from the store before I go out. Unfortunately it never works as well as it should. Unless the spray is coated over my entire naked skin, I will still get bit.

So when I came across this natural mosquito repellent spray that you make at home, I decided it was worth a try! I don’t have the ingredients yet, but I will post an update when I use the mosquito repellent. I wonder if this is a safe natural mosquito repellent for dogs? I’ll ask my vet and see what she thinks.

Ingredients for Mosquito Yard Spray

Big bottle Blue Mouthwash

3 cups Epsom Salt

3 stale 12 oz bottles cheap Beer

Mix all ingredients in a spray bottle and spray around your yard and surrounding areas. Seems amazingly simple. Hope the beer smell doesn’t make it smell nasty! And what about Epsom salt being on yard and grass? Will it burn the grass? I’ll have to see. According to this picture it works just fine with no mention destruction to anything.

It will be going into my To Try This Summer pile.

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